A&BT Global Ventures Ltd. (A Subsidiary of De-Basco Electric Co. Ltd). Is an incorporated electrical company in Nigeria that specializes in the manufacturing and sales of quality electrical and electronic products.

A&bt global ventures was incorporated in Nigeria in 2009 and has been in the forefront,in the production and sales of high quality electrical and electronic materials within Nigeria and other African countries. Our products meet with the best standard anywhere in the world, thereby making Individuals, companies,governmental agencies , engineers and technocrat to meet their   taste in A&BT range of quality products.

In A&BT Global Ventures, our service posts are manned by professional electrical and electronic engineers; who are experienced experts in the field of electrical gadgets installation, maintenance and servicing.

Our team of trained staff meet the expectations of our clients in a professional way,within the shortest possible time frame.

Moreover,our customer care unit listens to; and responds to the demands of our numerous business partners and clients satisfactorily.

All A&BT products have been tested, confirmed and certified by the standard organization of Nigeria (SON). Our cables, Switches, Distribution Boards, Fan, Stabilizers, Change Overs Etc, are all registered and have been confirmed to have met the highest quality which give our clients a real value for their money.

In A&BT products,Your satisfaction is our outmost  priority.